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KumoWatt Present Measuring the Carbon Impact of ICT in Business Environments
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Measuring the Carbon Impact of ICT in Business Environments

Measuring the Carbon Impact of ICT in Business Environments is a 2 day EMA approved course covering:

  • The terminology used to describe energy usage and how this is relevant in ICT.
  • How the power usage of ICT equipment varies both in terms of device types and the methods of implementation.
  • How electricity and in some cases water is used to meet ICT requirements.
  • How to use power monitoring equipment and treat information on energy consumption from hardware vendors.
  • How systems and device loading affects energy consumption.
  • How infrastructure design can affect energy usage.
  • How offsite services should be accounted for and pertinent questions to ask vendors and suppliers.
  • How to conduct internal audits and ensure a consistent methodology.
  • How to implement an appropriate measurement, verification and auditing system.
  • How datacentre and cloud technologies may be relevant in reducing energy consumption.
  • Recent technology developments in Green IT and how the knowledge gained may be applied to organisations today.
  • How to take the full lifecycle of ICT equipment into account.
  • How to plan an awareness campaign and motivate colleagues to reduce energy use in an ICT environment.
  • Relevant legislation, regulations, guidelines and their future impact.

The two day course concludes with an examination to assess knowledge and understanding of the topics covered. Successful completion of the course and examination leads to Stage 3 certification which can be used towards an organisations Low Energy Company (LEC) status.

Prerequisites - course suited to senior IT professionals and energy managers. Experience of IT infrastructures and their components such as servers, workstations and networks is required.

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Stage 3 Certification

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The majority of businesses can make significant savings in energy with a small amount of effort. For example, in many organisations it is relatively straightforward to make consumption and carbon footprint savings of at least twenty percent with informed purchasing of ICT equipment and a power management strategy.

KumoWatt was founded by a team of scientists and consultants who have spent more than 10 years investigating how to reduce the energy consumption for IT related tasks. It is headed by Simon Ponsford who is recognised by Silicon.com as a Global Agenda Setter and one who "stands apart as one of the individuals bringing green computing to life". He is also recognised as the inventor of the World's lowest powered Windows PC and was the only invited guest speaker to talk about the carbon footprint of ICT at the 2012 UN Climate Change Conference (COP 18).

Understanding the power usage and subsequent carbon impact of ICT systems can be a complex matter, but with a robust and systematic methodology, it can be estimated with a high degree of accuracy. KumoWatt courses teach this methodology. Designed for both Energy Managers and ICT professionals, this course will enable participants to carry out energy audits, propose improvements and assess the impact of changes. The savings in terms of energy cost and reduced carbon footprint for the organisation are often significant.

KumoWatt's mission is to enable organisations to make better energy-related decisions about ICT equipment. It does this through consultancy, the provision of courses and by providing specialist energy consumption measurement equipment.

Simon Ponsford

CEO Tivarri

Widely recognised as a leading expert in cloud computing and green IT, Simon Ponsford speaks regularly on energy efficiency relating to computing and cloud based infrastructures. Simon is credited with designing the World's lowest powered Windows based PC in 2008 and was invited to speak at the 2012 UN Climate Change Conference (COP 18) highlighting the carbon footprint of ICT.

He was previously ranked in Silicon.com's list of worldwide IT agenda setters with the accolade: "A champion of 'green' causes who speaks regularly on both computing and environmental issues, Ponsford stands apart as one of the individuals bringing green computing to life".

In 2014 Simon created the first EMA Stage 3 accredited ICT course entitled - Measuring the carbon impact of ICT in Business Environment.

William Yip

KumoWatt Technical Lead

Computer Scientist with experience of both industry and academia. Specialising in the development of software to measure and record energy usage of IT systems. William has a wealth of experience in Cloud infrastructures including improving the efficiency and fault tolerance of hypervisor technology.